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(When you’re stuck inside with below-zero windchill for months, shit gets weird.) Enter Cupcak Ke, born Elizabeth Harris in Chicago’s Parkway Gardens, who is the city’s most unique rapper right now.

Harris went to elementary school with Chief Keef and Lil Reese and wrote Christian poetry at her church as a teenager until she was convinced to apply her talents to rap.

I watched the Netflix series this month, a show that tells sex-centered stories about everyday Chicagoans, and wondered why it often felt so wrong despite the recognizable landmarks and on-point character tics.

But for a show focused on fucking, the sex all felt so dorky, the Midwestern guilelessness overemphasized like a bad Ditka impression — as though threesomes and repurposed handyman Halloween costumes are high-level coastal-city shenanigans.

An di wife a sample too, she jus tan silent an mek him chat an chat an chat.

When it comes to horror tropes, few are more ubiquitous than the masked killer.

Jason, Michael Myers, the Ghostface killer, Leatherface (I could go on): all these murderous madmen hide their face behind a mask, adding more terror to their already horrifying antics.

Nikki Delano is getting straight up freaky in this scene from TS Pussy Hunters.

It’s some kind of doctor scene and the crazy thing is that Nikki Here let’s this girl Foxxy give her a creampie, like one of those super deep creampies.

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These medieval looking masks were in fact developed for the first tank battles in World War I and were designed to protect the operators from the various hazards of encasing yourself in an armored bullet magnet.

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