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"Lin Anderson's Driftnet has sold extraordinarily well since it appeared, as has Scotland Today presenter John Mackay's Heartland," she says."I also found that during the Edinburgh Festival a lot of people were coming in looking for Anne Donovan's Buddha Da.Outside the scotosphere [5], clans and their assorted tartans and kilts conjure up an impossibly romantic image of Scotland, or a faintly ridiculous one.But while they’ve now been reduced to mere folklore, clans - basically, extended families with easy access to weapons and a knack for bloody vendettas - were an essential part of Scotland’s history for well over a thousand years."What we're trying to do is encourage lecturers, primarily from North America, to teach Scottish literature in their university level courses," says Dr Gwen Enstam, who is running the exhibition this year with ASLS manager Duncan Jones.

When you enter one of our Scottish Castles or even one of our historical buildings, you will be taking a step back in history, by following in the footsteps of some of the Kings and Queens of the past, and feeling like Royalty.Reflecting that is the bewildering variety of clan tartans, and the importance attached to them by their present-day descendents [6].Each year, about 150 new tartans are registered - adding to the thousands already officially recognised.A stay in one of our Scottish Castle Hotels or historical buildings is the ultimate when it comes to treating yourself to something that’s just a little bit extra special.Basking in luxurious surroundings, with lavish decor and a little tradition provides you with that once in a lifetime experience.

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