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, pp Validating the Software Process Assessment Model for Korean Military Software Industry Il-Lo Lee 1, Sun Tae Kim 2,* and Soojin Park 3 1 Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, Seoul, South Korea 2 Dept.

of Computer Engineering, Kangwon National University, Sam Cheok, Kangwon Do, South Korea 3 Graduate School of Management of Technology Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea Abstract This paper presents three-step process for validating the software process assessment model and report the result of each step to check the validity of MND-ESPAM.

MND-ESPAM is the software process assessment model invented for evaluating the software process capability of Korean military software organizations, but it is not sufficiently validated so that it cannot be decided to spread it into the military software industry.

The three-step process suggested in this paper is composed of 1) the investigation of the state of the Korean military software companies via a questionnaire survey, 2) the software process assessment via a questionnaire survey based on MND-ESPAM, and 3) the experimental software process assessment by the CMMI appraisal team with MND-ESPAM.

The validation process needs to monitor all aspects that can have a significant impact on the quality of the forecast produced by the model.

Besides monitoring the actual risk model, this involves making an assessment of the valuation models, the market data and the data describing financial instruments used in the model.

A business process should be validated, published to run time, and tested before it is deployed.

It was designed to give professionals an opportunity to discuss current and emerging challenges within the industry and following on from the success of previous years, we compiled an enriched program with practical solutions.Customer Development is a four-step framework developed by serial entrepreneur and business school Professor Steve Blank for discovering and validating the right market for your idea, building the right product features that solve customers’ needs, testing the correct model and tactics for acquiring and converting customers, and deploying the right organization and resources to scale the business.At a high level, Customer Development is about questioning your core business assumptions.The internal and external acceptance of your risk indicators crucially depend on a fundamental validation of your risk model.Based on our experience of market risk projects over many years, we know which factors are crucial for the quality of a risk model and we are experienced with validation procedures.

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After the validation, we suggest important improvements of the MND-ESPAM assessment model.

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