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Each time the symptoms are my web browser (or other IP service, e.g., POP3) stops with a "No internet connection" error.Attempts to contact the router via get no reaction, from either the wireless laptop or from the hardwired PC sitting next to it. Or do I just need to exchange it for another and try again?Always check the web site and download the updates directly from the web site only.If you choose to update, please follow this: Thank you.The router says the leases it is handing out are good for 180 minutes, and the delay-to-inaccessible was only about an hour.

Free D-Link WBR-2310 Quick Router Setup driver v.­4.­00.

This means you will lose all of the changes you made since you got the router. connect your computer to the router and open internet explorer and in the address bar type, and push enter. It should take you to a setup page that looks a lot like a website. Finally, there should be "save" button on the page.

Make sure to write down any things you've changed, so you can change them back after the reset. Find the "wireless security" tab and select a security protocol. Click it, then wait for your router to reboot and your network is now secure.

D-Link’s Cloud Camera 2300 delivers outdoor-ready coverage for a dependable perimeter of protection. At least the 2310 is less drastic - the firmware update web page just spins. Click the button below to get to the download page.

I've seen problems with both the WBR-2310 and WBR-1310 when updating firmware.

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