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In the end, Judaism recognizes that if two people are to truly become one, then it may take some time. Some want stability of location – others would like to travel the world.The lists for a partner’s attributes are easily just as varied. Some want wealth – that is less important to others. However, since Valentine’s Day is coming up, in the spirit of living in multiple civilizations I am happy to tell you what made my list and the Jewish values behind them: A sweet soul – a yiddishe neshamah Jewish - MOT Wanted children – be fruitful and multiply Caring - hesed Wanted pets – taking care of the world around us Attractive – heyn be’eneyha Happy - simhah Compassionate – rahamim Ethical – mishpat I am fortunate to say that I have been partnered for almost 7 years now.Jewish singles can use virtually all the features of the dating service, at no cost, for fourteen days.Start by creating your dating profile and then you can begin communicating with other Jewish singles via messaging and winks.Our community has always been influenced by the cycles of the other communities around us and the timelines for marriage have reflected that.There is no one right path or a right amount of time to date.Understanding how things work has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.

In some communities it is common to marry quite young.The first part examines autobiographical sources to reconstruct the experiences and the perception of German Jewish soldiers, German military rabbis, and other German Jewish witnesses to the war.The second part then analyzes the coverage of German Jewish newspapers regarding the warfare against Belgium; and, finally, the third and last part scrutinizes the commentaries of German Jewish intellectuals and socialist Jews [Jewish socialists? ___________________ For European Jewish history, the First World War marked the end of the long tradition of transnational exchange of European Jewry; the Great War even implied a “Jewish fratricidal war of the greatest magnitude.”1 According to Shulamit Volkov, European Jewry during/as a result of the war seemed irrevocably divided into Jews of different nationalities.In August 1914 the majority of German Jews expressed their patriotic approval of the war and their loyalty to the German state.They identified with Germany, and a large number signed up voluntarily for military service at the front.

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