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Her effervescent personality shoots straight through my Macbook Pro, and our laid-back conversation makes it feel like we’re not a computer screen, five hours and a continent away, but face-to-face, yucking it up. The 29-year-old screenwriter and actress hails from London, where her comedy sitcom Chewing Gum recently started its second season.

“I mean, it’s quite mad actually,” Coel says in her charmingly raspy English accent, regarding the success of her hit show.

“It’s quite mad how people seem to get the show the way I wanted them to get it.

An Only child also confides in his mother far more than his friends with siblings do.

The bond between them will often be extremely close, until one of two things happens: either it becomes dangerously suffocating, preventing the child from really growing up; or it breaks down in adolescence, leaving the mother bereft and the child feeling guilty.

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