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The funny thing about this movie was the fact that #Napoleon Dynamite was essentially all of us. He had an awkward family life, he was easily annoyed and rather quick to anger, and he just wanted to be himself regardless of what anyone thought.Without this movie I wouldn't have had my entire sophomore biology class yell, "Tina you fat lard! Jeepers Creepers is another one of those horror movies that you probably watched at a sleepover because your mom said you weren't allowed to see it.Shocked, but feeling sorry for him, the group decides to help Andy resolve this situation.Andy finds himself at a singles bar, given the advice by Jay to "tackle drunk bitches", and at a dating round-robin where a buzzer sounds and everyone changes table.Why not see what happened when we had a chat to the 2009 king of scares Oren Peli, director of 'Paranormal Activity'.He spoke about films that scare him, tips on how to be a good director and his favourite part of the movie.While the show was met with generally negative reviews from critics who note its broad comedic style, it has tested well with Nickelodeon viewers following its premiere after the Kids’ Choice Awards late last month and is predicted to be a draw for the network.

Andy's striking boss, Paula (Jane Lynch), who is impressed by his sales skills, promotes him to floor manager and presents the idea of being his 'sex buddy'.

You'll notice that he doesn't look particularly scary as a person, so we made his photo a bit scarier. We also had a fun game of guess who drank from a cup.

You can have a look at the cups here, or see the answer here.

The 2001 horror film with Justin Long and Gina Philips follows a brother and sister who quickly begin running for their lives from a demonic "creeper" after making a horrible discovery in an abandoned church.

The film quickly rose to somewhat of a cult status among fans and is regarded as one of the best teen horror films of the early 2000s.

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Despite all this, when Andy meets Trish (Catherine Keener), a mother of three who works at an Ebay store across the mall, he realises immediately that he likes her.

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