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Interspersed with these thematic sections, the Langfords also tell the story of Notre Dame's founder, Father Edward Sorin, and one of its most influential twentieth-century presidents, Father Theodore M. Generally well-written and nicely organized, this unabashedly glowing review doesn't get much beyond a one-dimensional panegyric to the school and is closer to campus promotional literature than an in-depth study.

Mary’s, 30 from Holy Cross] Participated in Dance Marathon [15 points] Started a student organization [15 points] Ran the Holy Half Marathon [15 points] Gotten (or given) a Ring-by-Spring [50 points] GOOD STORIES Went to class drunk on St.Let’s be honest, this score is more important than any college test.So go ahead, challenge your friends, and be sure to keep this bucket list for future reference.Legends of Notre Dame, commonly referred to as Legends, is a music venue, public house, and restaurant located on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, just 100 yards south of Notre Dame Stadium.The former Alumni Senior Club after a .5 million renovation and transformed into the all-ages student hang-out that currently exists.

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