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After her father raped her, Jean became one of the roughly 12,000 Texas kids in long-term foster care, a system that often leaves children more damaged than when they arrive. DALLAS — At 16, Jean was the more experienced sex worker in the Southeast Dallas house.

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No longer should healthy mean bland, expensive, or just plain old salads.

Basically, I went from being in Feminist Theory classes at Vassar to being told to stand up and turn around in your push-up bra, that kind of thing. Then, one day, I decided to write about a producer I had gotten in over my head with, and a friend of mine read the piece and loved it.

Biggins seemed to agree, saying: “But you know, that’s why a lot of women are very successful.”Renee interrupted: “Because they give head?

Every week watch two people get to know each other and predict if the relationship will bloom or if it looks like an epic fail.

A lot of women don’t like doing it.”He went on to explain that men are actually better at giving oral sex.

All of a sudden, phantoms from her own past — ones she had "pushed down so deep and ignored so much" — were impossible to keep at bay.

Jean had come to Texas under unspeakable circumstances.

Jenna and Connor were our youngest applicants for the blind date and were a bit shocked when I offered them a dinner on us.

You guys write about the same thing and you would love her.” If I had a few bucks for every time I heard these words, I could probably afford a new pair of snow boots.

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