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The MAXFIT Foundation aims to provide free fitness and nutrition camps, called FIT Academies©, for low to moderate income youth to better equip them (and their families) with the knowledge and resources for making healthy lifestyle choices through physical activity and proper nutritional intake To inspire youth, ages 5-18, living in low to moderate income households, who are also physically unhealthy, to change their fitness and nutrition choices and lifestyles in such a way that their health will be restored and quality of life improved.Educate participants about: We are currently pursuing 501(c)(3) status and will soon be able to receive donations for this program.You spend a lot of time and preparation on searching for colleges and SAT and ACT prep.

We didn't want to complicate your lives by giving you too many options to choose from.Some high schoolers know exactly what they want to do from day one.Others don't even know if they will ever want to go to college.Explore the site a little bit and see if any of the pointers are helpful.I haven't added a lot of content yet, but over the weeks, you'll see more and more articles.

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I would love to help you figure out what you want to do and help you get there.

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