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At social gatherings you drool at anyone with nice fat veins. You think anything less than 4 days off in a row isn’t worth having 3. All your “funniest” stories are considered vulgar and disgusting 51.

You see any person with a welfare card as your “employer” 4. You have withdrawal from not wearing green on your days off! You tell the best story ever, and you’re the only one who can see the humor in it 52. You have perfected the art of responding through rush hour traffic, with a burger in the one hand and a drink in the other. You hear a siren and you know exactly what service or vehicle it is. It drives you nuts when some ignorant fool calls you a first aider. You get called out for abdo (abdomen) pain at three in the morning to find your “patient” at the gate with their bag packed, and the whole family waiting to wave good bye. When hearing there is a doctor/nurse on scene, you consider it a bad thing. You’ve ever had an altercation on scene with a rubberneck. You crouch down in your car as you go past accident scenes so the crew already there won’t see you. You can’t put up IV lines unless everything is shaking around. You know at least 3 alternate routes to any place you are going. You’ve ever blown up a glove and drawn a face on it in the hopes it will stop your pediatrics patient from screaming. You can skip to the head of the line at the local Burger king or Mc Donald’s because you’re in uniform. It drives you nuts when a driver only says they’re a “Paramedic.” 80.

These stories comprised an entire chapter in the book that was cut out… My boyfriend just moved away to California for law school. I find it wrapped inside a smelly wet towel buried in the laundry pile.

I have the day off so I decide to go to the park to lie in the sun and read a book. It wasn’t going to work and we were mature enough to realize it right away.

When someone needs a plaster and you pull out a trauma kit. When your home first-aid kit consists of OP airways, maternity kits and bag and masks! When your quick remedies kit for a hangover includes: 1L of Hartmann’s and a Maxalon 41.

A few quiet days in a row equals an excellent call. When you and your partner are the only ones not panicking in the room. When you don’t let anybody get between you and the exit route at social gatherings. If you think getting off the layzee boy and answering the phone is a good form of exercise 38.

Seriously we in public safety are one heck of a dysfunctional family that has no problem with intermingling with each other.

We don’t always hookup within our own agency but regularly we go across jurisdictional lines.

Since my crappy marriage book is coming out in three weeks and it’s about marriage, I’m going to share some of the prenuptial story. ———————– It is a hot and humid, mid-summer afternoon. After going back and forth about “trying the distance thing” we both admitted defeat. I’m ready to be alone and focus on myself for a change.

I had just been viciously attacked, beaten, and stabbed 32 times. Looking back three years prior, I remember the exact moment I met this extremely charming, sweet, and funny guy named Robert Burton.

When we started dating, everything was perfect, but as I prepared for my high school graduation, things began to change.

Hi, RJ here with a question that a fan of the page sent to us… Not to brag here but over the years I have been with one fellow officer from my PD, an officer from a near by town, a sheriffs deputy, three different EMTs, two ER nurses and a firefighter.

“I think you, or someone, should start a new web page for public safety dating. Then add to that all the hook-ups/one night stands when at training or a convention.

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